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Created 22-May-13
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Collection of time-lapse photo/video of Indonesia

A construction site captured in timelapse with miniature effect.

Amorphophalllus titanum OPENING process, time-lapse

Amorphophalllus titanum CLOSING process, time-lapse

Bromo Tengger Caldera, Could Movement (Time-lapse)

Shark's Teeth (Batu Hiu) Time-lapse

Ranau Lake and Mt Seminung.

Melasti Beach Lampung time-lapse @ 15 FPS

Melasti Beach, Lampung Time-lapse @ 24 fps

Wave Movement, Pulau Pisang Island

Mt Bromo and Mt Batok Sunset -timelapse video

Building Construction Timelapse1 ~ Jakarta

Melasti Beach Lampung,Timelapse

Morning in Green Valley of Bromo Caldera -Timelapse

Bundaran HI Time Lapse ~ Jakarta, Indonesia

Heavy Equipment at Work Time Lapse ~ Jakarta

Tengger Caldera in Time-lapse

Building Construction Time Lapse 2 ~ Jakarta

Building Construction Time Lapse 3 ~ Jakarta

Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice) Time Lapse ~ Jakarta

MH Thamrin Time Lapse ~ Jakarta

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