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A decade ago, people used to swim across the rough sea to a rock island. The reason is good quality lobsters. Until a man native to this area in Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta Province, Indonesia, saw a cable car in Taman Mini, Jakarta (a miniature park of Indonesia).

Amazed and inspired, he came to the park many times, looked closely, then made drawings of it.

Back to his village, he showed the drawings and explained his idea about a hand-built cable car, so they can reach the island, approx. 150 m away more easily (and hopefully catch lobsters more). Finally other 5 men joined this venture.

Day in, day out, they operate it almost daily. The gondola or cable car works smoothly without any accident. Today, we know it as Timang Island or "swing island" literally because anyone who want to visit it, will be swung between the 9 ropes in the middle of the sea.
The actionThe actionPull backOn the way to Timang Island, across Indian OceanTraditionally built cable car or gondola to Timang IslandTraditionally built cable car or gondola to Timang IslandThere are 6 people who own and operate the cable carReady to goOn the way to "heaven"Since beginning, 6 people built it, thus they who operate it until nowWhere good quality lobster are foundHangingThe team work, from above (using drone)The Timang Cape, aerial viewTimang Island and the surrounding (using drone)Timang Island and the surrounding (using drone)The look from Timang to the mainlandAcross the Indian Ocean to the mainlandAcross the Indian Ocean to the mainlandThe southern coast of Java where Timang is located