We provide you the fast way to organize and search photo using keyword.


Please Launch the Alcibbum photography site in your browser, as shown in picture below. Whitin the web page, click the "Search" button. 



Then, use specific keyword. For the example a photo relating Raja Ampat Island. So just type the "Raja Ampat".



You may also search for more than one word or phrase in keyword searches. Use comma to separate one or more words as shown below "Raja Ampat, People, etc ...". The Results of the search will be listed by photos.



Please notify the search field in the top, right corner of the window. Then enter the keyword as explaned above.




Or use this alternative

Click "Search Photos" button.


Type the keyword in the search field and click "Search" button.


Then the images result will be listed as shown bellow.


Please note that you should use the back tab/key to return your search page result after viewing individual photo.