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Basic Facts and FAQ



Basic Facts:

  • We are a company based in Indonesia with fully staff office and legal status, named “PT Alcibbum”. Client satisfaction is our priority, that’s why we are still exist since 2004 in a competitive photography industry.


  • Office hour is from 09.30 AM – 05.00 PM WIB, GMT/Pacific Time +7






  • Can we buy photo directly from this website, or shoud we contact you first?

Yes, you can buy photo directly from this website. Please use our e-commerce facility which is secure and simple and will make the file downloadable instantly after the payment process completed (using credit card or Paypal). If you prefer traditional payment method, you would need to contact us. Here is the page about how to buy photo from us: How to Buy  and Steps on Buying Photos (bank info is in the about page).

  • How many images do you have in your image library?

Currently we have thousands of image which is growing steadily. We strive to make them all online. However, you can always inquire the images you are looking for by contacting us if you can't find one using the search facility.

  • How can we search for images, inform you our selection, and so on?

Please visit Tutorial page. 

  • What if we can’t find the images we are looking for by using search facility?

Please feel free to contact us. We probably have it in our library, but not yet upload it.

  • What is the TYPE and SIZE of files we get when downloading from this site? 

At this time, JPEG with 4,400 pixel at the longest side, 300 ppi is the default file type if you buy online, due to internet infrastructure that prohibit us from uploading TIFF for thousands of images.

  • Would this JPEG format and size adequate? 

Yes. Base from our experience in the past 8 years, this spec is adequate for printing double-spread image for most magazine size.

  • But, can we get TIFF or other format?

Sure, for those of you who want the highest possible quality, just contact us. We will make available for you to download it, including other than default size. In fact, we store our images off-line as DNG RAW format. However, client will be billed for delivery by CD/DVD.  

  • What file format do you shoot?

We always shoot at the highest quality possible from our equipment (in the case of photo, it is "RAW" format).

  • You use the term stock photo frequently in your site, can you describe it? 

Stock photo means, we shoot it first, stock it and then license it to anyone interested and need it. Other terms that has  the same meaning is “image library”, or “image bank”.

  • What is your stock coverage?

     At this time we focus on Indonesia in terms of geography, making us as one of the principal source of Indonesian imagery. Possibly we'll include other countries in the future, nonetheless Indonesia will remain our focus.

  • Are you available for assignment abroad?

    Yes we are.
  • Why do you use the term “license” photo, not “sell”? 

We use the term “license” because the copyright is still in the photographer. In general, every photo is protected under the intelectual property rights, so the photographer owns the copyright and give the right (not the photo) to someone, so she/he can use the photo, often times with specific usage and time-frame. That’s called a “Rights-Managed”.

  • But, the Rights-Managed (RM) is more expensive than Royalty-Free (RF) scheme. What is the advantage of Rights-Managed (RM) over the Royalty-Free (RF)?

First, imagine what happened when the images you license/use, also used everywhere? Maybe in Facebook, Flickr, CDs clip art, or even worse, used by your competitor’s product! That’s what possibly happened when you use RF scheme. Because its cheap and has no limitation as to who, what, where and when the images used, everybody can end up with the same images. Cheap up front, but may cost you more in the mid or long-term. RM protect you from that. 

  • How if we want to use your images and don’t want others to use that same image?

You can do it by licensing image exclusively. In exclusive agreement, we will not license the image to others, depends on the agreement between you and us. So, just you who has the right to use the image.

  • But some other sources sell their images for almost US$ 1/image for whatever usage?

It's the royalty free scheme...we don't do that. Our philosophy is to bring mutual benefit for each party in this business, not for the company and the client only, but also for the photographers (with RF, photographer will only get a fraction of dollar, because that’s what the buyer pay). Beside, it's usually under subscription base where you must pay several hundreds dollar to be able to enjoy the low price. It is common that buyers only need specific image. With us, you pay for what you need. And our price is fair and affordable. 

  • Are you distinguished from other image sources?

Yes, certainly. Quality always comes first, both in terms of product as well as service to client. And speaking about product, many of our images are fresh and unique. We also have ability to respond not only in timely manner but also in customizations, potentially making us your reliable source for image and photography service. In short, we provide "value" for client.

  • Why we should choose your service? 
  • First, we are one of the few company in this area: Indonesia image provider (hint: even fewer with legal status, online presence, fully staff office, e-commerce, etc). 
  • Second, we have passionate commitment and strong portfolio. Growing an image library consisting of thousands and hundred thousands of image is not an easy task, let alone developing it into a business and then moving the products to customers, including  constructing online business. It takes many hours, human resources, fund, time from planning the trip, doing the shoot in the field, keywording, sorting and editing once back in the office, and so on. It really takes a great commitment. 
  • Third, our price is fair and affordable. The price depends on the usage: editorial/commercial/corporate. 
  • Fourth, we can respond to client inquiries even if we don’t have the photo in our collection; our base in Indonesia is a great advantage too. And…we are backed up by a team of great photographers.
  • What does “Low-res” mean?

Low-res or low resolution image defined as image with resolution of 72 ppi. This is the norm in the industry.

  • What does “Hi-res” mean?

Hi-res defined as image with resolution of 240-300 ppi.

  • What kind of images do you cover?

We have a strong portfolio, from great vistas and sweeping landscape, to small creatures, from mountain and lakes, to indigenous people and culture, from ikat weaving in remote villages to modern Indonesia and corporate shoots. It means we shoot travel photography, corporate, commercials, editorial. What we DON’T do is beauty photography and the likes. You can look our portflio page


  • My currency is NOT US Dollar, while your price is.

No problem. Your bank will always convert it to your default currency at the rate when the transaction take place.

  • I’ve got “not enough resolution” message. What does it mean? 

It means AT THE MOMENT, the file you want to buy/download has not enough resolution for the product you choose. For example, you want to license “Hi-res Image (Magazine Inside)”, but the available online files has resolution below that. As a result the system protects you from getting a file below requirement. Often times we need to upload images in rush, that’s why we upload the small ones. Then gradually we will replace them. Just contact us, we will prepare suitable image for you. 

  • If we purchase print, who own the copyright?

 If you purchase a print, you have the right for the print. It means you can use it to your own liking (hang it on the wall, in your office, etc), sell the print, but you can't repro it, scan it because the copyright remains to the photographer.

  • Do you sell print with the frame?

No, we believe you have varying preference and needs of frame (color, shape, etc) according to your interior design etc. Again, just contact us, maybe we can help finding one for you.

  • Can we find explanation of your products?

It is here

  • Do we have another reason to choose you?

We try hard to utilize the latest technology in photography, computer/peripherals, server, etc. These will contribute positively to client’s satisfaction.

  • Would you give image for free?

We are open for pro bono work, in the field of environment such as global warming, protecting marine life and the likes.