1. Photography

  • All Photos : This feature allows you to select a list of featured galleries that will appear directly on photo gallery 
  • Featured : This is a separate section on the home page. It is used to help highlight or feature some of the galleries and collections by making them visible by visitor.
  • Recenly Added :This is a section that contains the recenly added photo gallery 
  • Video gallery : This section contains a list of video gallery
  • Corbis Page : This section contains the photos which are existing on Corbis page

2.  Help

  • How to Buy : This section give you the methode in buying photo
  • step in Buying Photo : This gives you the step in buying photo

3. About

  • Services : This section lets you know abaut
  •  our services
  • Clientele
  • About

4. Blog

5. Contact

6. Search Photo: Search allows you to quickly find photograph matching specific subject

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8. Cliente Access Page