You can leave comment on certain photo, please click "Add" button.



If you want the comment to be public, click "Public Comment". If you want the comment to be viewed by the photographer, click "Private Comment". 


We provide you 3 options to comment:

  1. Text comment only
  2. Suggest different cropping
  3. Highlight an area 


By default, "Text comment only" gives only plain text format on comment. it will give a simple text message. 



"Suggest different cropping" and "Highlight an area" both are very useful option for individual photo comments.


For those who are focussed mainly on photo sharing and critiquing these may be useful.


If you would like to suggest alternative cropping, select "Suggest different cropping". A cropping tool will appear in the photo thumbnail. Click to drag the corners of the cropping tool until you are satisfied. 



If you would like to highlight a specific area in the photograph, select "Highlight an area". Click and drag the tool ovel tyhe photo until you have highlight the desired area. you can do this multiple times until you are satisfied.


Enter your comment in the text box.

When finished, click "Add Comment" button.