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Indonesia's postcard by Alcibbum PhotographyLovely postcardsImpressive Postcard, featuring Indonesia's magnificent beauty in more than 60 high quality postcards. We're confident to say that you will love it.



Dangerously beautiful photographs of Indonesia in Impressive Postcard by Alcibbum PhotographySavour the beauty of Indonesia by owning Impressive PostcardWith dangerously beautiful photographs of Indonesia, high quality printing, premium grade paper, special finish, etc that will make you fall in love


A beautiful and high quality postcard of Indonesia finally rolled out: Impressive Postcard. Beautifully printed in special grade, environmentally friendly heavy weight paper, decorated by dangerously gorgeous photographs from Alcibbum Photography, the collection consists of 53 pcs plus postcards and 7 sets of 4 postcards each (update April 2014: 18 more new postcards). From Sumatra to Papua, spectacular and magnificent Indonesia to adore.


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Toba Batak Rice BarnsPostcard sample

Sample pictures, Impressive PostcardScreen shot of variants Sample pictures, Impressive Postcard


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Batik Keris Paris van Java

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Historical Maimoon Mosque, MedanHistorical Maimoon Mosque, MedanPostcard sample



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Rp 15.000/pc (USD 1.5/pc)

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Size:                  16.5 x 11.5 cm

Paper Type:     special grade paper

Paper weight:  270 gr

Finishing:        special finish formula on photo side

Impressive Postcard




Lovely postcard by Alcibbum PhotographyImpressive PostcardsLovely postcards by Alcibbum Photography


If you love the stunning beauty of Indonesia, now is the perfect time to own, renew, or compile your Indonesia pictures collection. In the past two months, Impressive Postcard has been sold for hundred pieces online and thru Alun Alun Indonesia stores (more outlet in the future, please see below). This gorgeous postcards depicting breathtaking and iconic pictures from Sumatra to Papua. It has almost everything to savour the intrepid travellers, postcrossing lovers and everyone who love Indonesia’s beauty and charm. For sure, this premium quality postcard will also make as collectibles too. It’s noteworthy that we also furnish it by informative text and map.


It’s unfortunate that a beautiful and high quality postcard of Indonesia has been almost completely absent thru the past decade.  We said almost, because Periplus who traditionally supplies the market has been neglecting them in the last decade although not leave it entirely. It is understandable considering the advent of new technologies in recent years. Thanks God, alhamdulillah, it is no longer the case. Now Indonesia has a beautiful (and hopefully representative) postcard for they who love the country, love the beautiful postcards.


Beautiful and high quality postcards will make as collectible items too and is a must to have if you love travelling to beautiful placesBeautiful and high quality postcards will make as collectible items too and is a must to have if you love travelling to beautiful places


Indonesia is one of the largest archipelago nation in the world with almost something for everybody. Towering volcanos, rice terrace paddy fields, carpeting tea plantation, numerous national parks hosting incredible diversity of flora and fauna, prolific marine life of the underwater world, the list is endless. Postcard is one of the viable way to tell the world this story.


Those are some factors behind the driving force that motivates us, Alcibbum Photography to develop and produce Impressive Postcard.


We group the postcard into 6 major islands or areas:


  • Sumatra (9 variants)
  • Java (including Jakarta, Yogyakarta, etc, 12 variants)
  • Bali (13 variants) 
  • Lombok (6 variants) 
  • Kalimantan (1 variant) 
  • Sulawesi  (7 variants) 
  • Maluku (2 variants)
  •  Papua (formerly known as Irian Jaya, 1 variant).


You would say, these figures are not justifiably representing this huge country. Yes, you are right. Everybody could easily expand these figures to hundreds in a blink of eyes as we deal with a massive country spanning for 5000 km. But we have done our best to deal with it and with our 70,000 plus images collection in our library. Nevertheless, this outlook might change in the future adapting to the market’s response.


A new breed of postcardA new breed of postcard. The blend of special finish and textured paper pins a hope on creating a new breed of postcard It's not a doff, nor glossy. You should touch and feel it for yourself.

The informative text, the "Indonesia's story".Please note this is nearly a 1:1 magnification, mean hugely magnified. You can see the unique texture.


The map and texture.Unfortunately the square box indicating picture's location is not shown here.




In a desire to create a new breed, we fetched about 60 pictures from our image library that portray Indonesia's natural, classical beauties. Then we develop it and carefully select special grade, heavyweight paper with unique textured surface in a hope to enhance the art quality. We go further by putting in extra effort to bring in informative text accompanying the picture (we will provide more insightful wording in the future) and a simple map where the picture was taken (it proven as helpful as many people asked the salespersons in charge about this important info; and she simply pointed to the map on the back). After all of these stuffs, we wrap it up by choosing printing shop that use the latest yet affordable printing technology available. We don’t stop there. A special finish formula applied at the end of the process (notice the photo/front side).


All of these elements, hopefully will make people difficult to resist the temptation to own it and send it to friends and relatives (proudly give them as a gift too). Sending this pieces of art is a great way to show off the place where you are living in or visiting. As a matter of fact, that’s the response we obtain from the people so far. Especially after they took hold of the pieces. For you who haven't had a chance to visit one of the outlets, here is the gallery:


Chlorine free paper, acid free, etc


Here are several noteworthy ingredients of Impressive Postcard:


beautiful, iconic and classical photographs | heavyweight and special grade paper | uniquely textured | chlorine free, acid free | informative text | location/map | high quality printing | special finish formula  |  16.5 x 11.5 cm


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Rp 15.000/pc (USD 1.5/pc)

Rp 50.000/set of 4 postcards (USD 5.0/set of 4 postcards).


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Kinokuniya Book Store Plaza Senayan, Jakarta (December 2013, insya Allah)


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Impressive Postcard at Alun Alun Grand Indonesia, Wrap Inc DivisionImpressive Postcard at Alun Alun Grand Indonesia, Wrap Inc Division Indonesia postcardImpressive PostcardImpressive Postcard

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Rugged and Harsh, but Colorful Madura Madura is an enchanting island, with a proximity to Java. One of the highlight of the journey to this close cousin of Java is the Karapan Sapi. Rugged, harsh but colourful, it's Madura!


A Glimpse of Java’s Old Cousin: Madura Island


Madurese people love to race their strongest and fastest oxen. In a 10 seconds battle, the 600 kg yoke run as fast as possible in the dirty track, dragging a wooden sled with a frenzy jockey try controlling the speed and more importantly, the direction of the animals. The  spectators yell and shout madly. Finally they succesfully hit the finish line, make the crowds become even more noisy and raucous. The winning yoke bring prestige and great pride not only to its owner, but also to its village. The spectacle is dramatic, energizing and vibrant, though outside kerapan sapi, Madura is a peaceful and quiet island.


Karapan sapi is a prestigious event for Madurese.Karapan sapi is a prestigious event for Madurese.There is a saying that Madurese treat their bulls better than their wives! I believe that…

When water buffalo is a primary livestock in Java, it is not the case for Madura. Water buffalo are rarely found in this hot and dry island; they would soon perish. Thus, Madurese raise ox instead. So, throughout the archipelago, sapi madura (madura’s ox) is highly regarded as a hardy breed, called for a very high price. Specialise in ox has made the Madurese develop a unique spectacle using this animal: the vibrant ox race, famously called kerapan sapi. Though how this slow animal can be a fast runner is still in question.


Just keep in mind that kerapan sapi (sometimes also pronounced 'karapan sapi') is actually a tournament. it is a championship compete for the presidential cup! started in villages throughout Madura, and culminated in Pamekasan in September or October.

The village round in Sumenep areaPreparing the oxen near the start lineThe village round in Sumenep area

I opted for the humble villages round, since I want the taste of the original flavour. Arrived in Madura in August, I based myself in Sumenep. It turned out that finding a kerapan sapi was a bit tricky. We had to ask a lot. Normally they are held on weekend, so time your arrival appropriately.


Finally someone gave me info and before noon the next day, I had arrived in Ambunten. Hundreds of people swarming a field in a scorching day, including sellers of variety of goods. As anywhere else, they took this event as a good business opportunity. People look excited and energized.


The dirt track has a wide of several tens of meters, one hundred meters in length. Near the start line were the yokes, jockeys and their official team. On the left is a podium full of juries, committee member and MC. A strange thing happend in the end of the track: there was a three meters high brick wall, only several meters from the finish line!

“God, do the oxen have to stop abruptly, or they will crash into the wall?”, I gasped.


Do they design it deliberately this way? I don’t know. I didn’t ask. Sometimes Indonesian has a unique way in dealing with their problem, or maybe because I had my own problem: I had to find a good and more importantly, a save method to photographed near the finish line!


Back to the start line, 2-3 yoke of oxen were prepared, team up with a jockey each of them. Madurese give their yoke funny names such as “meteor”, “komet” (comet), or “roket” (rocket)! They hope for their animals to be as fast as their name. 

What happen near the start lineAnother candidateAnother thing took place near the start line

When everything was set, everyone was in silence, hold their breath, then the jury raise a flag and the bull charged furiously in the dry and dusty track, dragging a sled. The daredevil jockeys stood on the sled, holding the yoke’s tail. The raucous crowd roared and so was the MC shouted in madurese.

The daredevil jockey of Madura's Karapan SapiThe daredevil jockey of Madura's Karapan SapiThe jury raise a flag and the bull charged furiously in the dry and dusty track, dragging a sled. The daredevil jockeys stood on the sled, holding the yoke’s tail. Look at his hands.

It is not uncommon that they give the yoke a belt full of sharp nails and also hot chili! This is the answer of how to “help” this slow animal become a fast runner. Like I said, Indonesian has many stranges and peculiar ways to solve a problem.


For several seconds, everything was in chaos. The 600 kg oxen run madly, could reach speed of 50 kph and could choose any direction at their will! Even if they ran correctly to the finish line, the animals posed with another problem: the three-meter brick wall. Alas. How do I stop? Where is my handbrake? the oxen thought. Oh no…

FallingOften times the yoke 'beat' the jockey, also ran to the wrong way, to the start line, spectators, etc

As if to make this spectacle become even wilder, the brick wall and the fool-hardy spectators at the finish line made another turmoil at the end of every race. People burst in helter-skelter to the right, or to the left, depends on their speculation of yoke’s direction. It was like a miracle that the racing yoke didn’t crush into the wall (but sometimes to the people!). And add the fact that often times the yoke also ran to the wrong side, to the spectators, etc.


Watching kerapan sapi involves a certain degree of risk. It makes us as part of the game. If you want to see the village stages, make sure to keep yourself safe. The safest spot is near the start line. And always ready for the unexpected. For me, it was a blessing in disguise. I risked myself, I had to run with my tele and tripod everytime, but comeback with an exciting story for you.


That day, there were tens of race staged. I can feel the intense and heat of the competition. Winners were determined by the first leg to touch the finish line. Karapan sapi is a prestigious event for Madurese. A champion brings great honor upon the yoke’s owner and his village. To some extent the prestige is more than money, it can raise social status of the owner. They (sometimes even the whole village) protect the winning yoke, give them the best food and herbs they can. There is a saying that Madurese treat their bulls better than their wives! I believe that…


bicycle in front of Sumenep's grand mosque


Beside the wild yoke of oxen and frenzy jockeys, if you stay in Sumenep, you can tour this sleepy but historical town, enjoy the village lifes and some desserted beaches around.


Asta Tinggi Graveyard in SumenepMysterious carving (at least to me)Asta Tinggi Graveyard in Sumenep

Sights of Sumenep includes some historical buildings such as kraton (palace) of Panembahan Sumolo or Tumenggung Ario Notokusumo I (built in 1762) and an old and famous mosque named Masjid Jamik (1763). Both have a European and Chinese touch, built by the same architect who said was a Chinese fled from Batavia’s Chinese massacre at that time.


Madura has its own line of kings. Among them are Ario Notokusumo I and his father Bendoro Saud who ruled the eastern Madura (Sumenep Regency). There are many antiquities from their era. Another famous Sumenep’s king is Joko Tole or Secodiningrat; Islam’s successful spread in Madura is credited to this legendary leader. 

Asta Tinggi Graveyard in SumenepAsta Tinggi Graveyard in SumenepMadurese people are warm and friendly, one of the most friendliest people I've met throughout the archipelago

In the west, there was Prince Aros Baya who unified the whole Madura (at that time “Madura” was referred to Bangkalan and Sampang area). Aros Baya was also the first king to convert to Islam (15th century).


Either kings (west or east), had a good relation with Majapahit and even there is a rumour that the originator of Majapahit Kingdom was a king or a royal member of Sumenep’s dynasti. Though after all, Trunojoyo challenged the Mataram hegemony around 17th century (the Islam Mataram replaced Hindu Majapahit as the most powerful kingdom in Java). Throughout history, there are times when Madura island fell under Java’s sovereignty and vice versa. 

Historical Grand Mosque of SumenepMasjid Jamik's unique architecture

Entering the mosqueA mixed of Chinese and European in Masjid Jamik's architecture is evident in this picture.

If we leave the kings and princes and their palaces and heirlooms, and back to the real life, we will find the village life of Madura, sometimes with its high-roof traditional houses as an interesting thing to see. Contrary to my prior belief, the island is sparsely populated, the life is slow and peaceful. The people are warm and friendly. In the interior, Madurese tend to be farmer though their land is not as fertile as their big brother Java. On the coastal area, Madurese is a reputable fishermen, noted for their vibrant and briliiant color wooden boats (you can see the samples in Jimbaran, Bali).

Asta Tinggi Graveyard in SumenepNaturally, Madurese are religious people

Madura Island is in close proximity to Java and Bali, but a different world in their own. Since this edition is published in September, you still have a good chance to experience Madura Island with its vibrant and wild kerapan sapi and the life of its people. It is held annualy on August –October. Just make sure you don’t stand stiffly and glued on the finish line!


Fadil Aziz.

(This story was published in Bali and Beyond Magazine in October 2013 with our original text with minor changes.)

Sumenep sunsetSumenep sunset


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Best Indonesia Photos? Flickr and Yahoo! Editorial Pick Last month, we've got a pleasant 'little' surprise from Flickr Head Quarter. An email came to our inbox noting that Yahoo! Editorial has added one of our photo, titled "Saluopa Waterfall" to their Sights of Indonesia gallery.


A glance into that gallery revealed that it contains some great pictures of Indonesia. Obviously, Flickr or Yahoo! or both, has done a tremendous job by selecting a handful of Indonesia pictures out of thousands of great Indonesia's photos in their website. We assume this is a kind of their best version, or as their effort to help people who eager to see what is best from Indonesia's sights.


Find the link at the bottom. We recommend you to take a peek at least. In case you're curious to know about the Saluopa Waterfall, it is one of the most beautiful waterfall in Indonesia we've encountered. Saluopa is located in Central Sulawesi province. In case you're curious what we have done with our photo previously: we didn't do anything. We just uploaded them to Flickr for a year or so and that's it, we've got the email. If you wish, pick it as your favorite.


Saluopa Waterfall picture, choosen by Yahoo! EditorialSaluopa Waterfall picture, choosen by Yahoo! EditorialSaluopa Waterfall picked by Flickr and Yahoo! as one of their favorite pictures of Indonesia


We've also included that very exact picture of Saluopa Waterfall (Air Terjun Saluopa in Bahasa Indonesia), in our Impressive Postcard. At this time, you can find this Indonesia postcard edition (a collectible item) in Alun-alun Indonesia outlets (at Grand Indonesia Jakarta, Bali Collection Nusa Dua and soon in Alun-alun Debenham Kemang Village Jakarta). Alun-alun Indonesia is a retail chain that sell various Indonesia's premium and high quality handicrafts and products.


]]> (ALCIBBUM PHOTOGRAPHY | Stock Photo Indonesia) Flickr & Yahoo! editorial best Indonesia picture Indonesia travel photography Saluopa Waterfall Fri, 01 Nov 2013 12:53:25 GMT
“Magic Hand of Gorontalo and The Magical Lake” “Magic Hand of Gorontalo and The Magical Lake”


Sliced bananas submerged into boiling cooking oil. None can't imagine how it feels swimming in that piping hot frying pan. But Ta No'u knows. Suddenly she dropped her hand, turning and rolling those bananas, made it evenly fried. She did it with her bare hand! And I didn’t see any expression on her face. "I feel nothing", she response as if she know what is in my head. "This is no magic!" she added. "Just utter Bismillah and convince yourself. Do you want to try?” Wow! Of course not! Definitely not.


That was one of amazing serendipity I encountered in the northern Sulawesi. The other one was the picturesque and tranquil Limboto Lake. I hopped on a small wooden boat, wade across the biggest lake in the province (well it looks more like a swamp than a lake actually), and the birds fly above my head. What an experience!


Ta No'u magic hand. She is a pisang goreng (fried banana) seller in the city of Gorontalo.Ta No'u magic handTa No'u magic hand. She is a pisang goreng (fried banana) seller in the city of Gorontalo.


Visiting north Sulawesi is never been easier today. Major domestic carriers fly daily from major cities in the country. 

A commercial airplane stopover in Hasanudin Makassar airport. Makassar Hasanudin airportA commercial airplane stopover in Hasanudin Makassar airport. This airport serves as a hub for eastern part of Indonesia.

However, when someone says "North Sulawesi", what comes first to one’s mind is Sulawesi Utara, or Manado. I’m not surprised. For about 50 years, Sulawesi Utara Province encompassing the northern part of this spider-shape island. Now you may notice that there are another province shares this same northern part of the island. That's Gorontalo, the new province, split from the later and established in 2000. For about a decade, I feel that it’s some kind of an overlooked place, so now let’s take a look!


Gorontalo city from aboveGorontalo city from above

My first impression of the city is clean and neat.  And bentor is everywhere; in fact, people call it “Bentor City”, or maybe it’s a capital city of bentor? At least, there won’t be a lack of public transportation wherever you are in the city. Before go further, you may well aware that Gorontalo is a name of the province and also the capital. There are several provinces with the same trait in Indonesia. Can you think of others? (Hint: there are five provinces)

Row of 'Bentor' (motorized pedicab)Row of 'Bentor' (motorized pedicab)'Bentor' (motorized pedicab) is the typical transportation of Gorontalo, Sulawesi, Indonesia

It’s not surprising that the town has earned Adipura award several times in the past (Adipura trophy awarded to cities and towns for its cleanliest). The traffic-free and pedestrianized streets make it tantalizing to walk around although the sun can be scorching hot in the noon. If this happened, a cross between a rickshaw and a motorbike will save you: our old friend, bentor. It costs 5,000 to nearby destinations.

Bentor, a cross between trishaw & motor cycleBentor, a cross between trishaw & motor cycleBentor of Gorontalo. In fact, 'bentor city' is the nick name of Gorontalo.

The grand mosque marks the center of the town. Masjid Baiturrahim was built in 1728 in the era of Botutihe. It is one of the oldest in the Northern Sulawesi and it’s worth to take a look, although many of its architecture are modern and new (it suffered from a devastating earthquake in 1930s and rebuilt and renovated ever since). Inside is cool, a stark contrast to the outside.  Gorontalo city also has a many number of old colonial buildings that are still well preserved. Interesting.

Baiturrahim Grand MosqueBaiturrahim Grand Mosque of GorontaloGorontalo city is neat and clean and has won Adipura award for several times.

Not very far from the historical Masjid Baiturrahim is the magic hand of Gorontalo. Ta No'u. What’s made her famous is her ability to boil the fried banana with her bare hands. A friend of mine took me to her stall. That afternoon Ta No'u used normal cooking utensils just like everyone. Nothing special. People started to come and gathered. Some bought the fried and just leave, others stand still patiently waited her to play her special expertise as if to prove what they’ve heard. Not until we asked, she started to submerge her bare hand into the boiling cooking oil. It brought gasp to the audience. Later, she moved to touch the frying pan. A hair-raising scene, and a wacky one.


This middle-aged woman told us that she’s got this ability about ten years ago when something convinced her to do it. When she tried, she could do it. That’s it. Simple. No magic, etc. Then she invited us to try for ourself. “Don’t worry, you can do it too if you are confident. Without doubt, none tempted to try! This expertise has brought some luck to the owner. Ta No'u have been frying bananas in Paris and other countries in international events and demonstrated her unique skill at the same time. Do you wonder she had the most saleable pisang goreng out there?

Milu Siram, Gorontalo, IndonesiaMilu Siram, Gorontalo, IndonesiaSpecialty of Gorontalo. Milu is corn in local language. A corn with fish (tongkol/cakalang/tenggiri), and/or shrimp mixed in a soup, served hot in a bowl.

While you can find pisang goreng almost anywhere in Indonesia it’s not the case with milu siram. So one day, my bentor driver took me to a restaurant specialised in milu siram. Milu is corn in local language. A corn with fish (tongkol/cakalang/tenggiri), and/or shrimp mixed in a soup, served hot in a bowl. Very unique and tasty. This specialty of Gorontalo is a must to try. Don’t forget, Gorontalo is a major producer of corn in the country.

Menara Keagungan (The Tower of Majesty), Limboto, Gorontalo, IndMenara Keagungan (The Tower of Majesty), Limboto, Gorontalo, IndonesiaMenara Keagungan (The Tower of Majesty), Limboto, Gorontalo, Indonesia

There are still some interesting things in the vicinity of the town, like traditional house of Dulohupa, Tanjung Keramat, the Lombongo hot spring, and some beaches: Lahilote, Indah beach and Karang Citra Beach. Being bordered by Celebes Sea and the Philippines on the north and Tomini Bay-Molucca Sea on the south, Gorontalo also boasts the best diving and snorkeling in Sulawesi.


But with my precious time, I decided to fast forward to Fort Otanaha and Limboto Lake. Stop by in Menara Keagungan, about half an hour from the center of town. That is the Eiffel version of Gorontalo. A 65 m high, green and grey five-storey tower where you can relish the view of the nearby area. But the view from Otanaha is more dramatic.

Fort OtanahaFort Otanaha (Benteng Otanaha), Gorontalo and the adjacent Limboto Lake.Fort Otanaha (Benteng Otanaha), Gorontalo and the adjacent Limboto Lake.

Fort OtanahaFort Otanaha (Benteng Otanaha), Gorontalo and the adjacent Limboto Lake.

Situated on the hills surrounding the Limboto Lake, I’ve been intrigued to visit this piece of history since many years ago although it turns out that the architecture are a simple circular and oval shape only, originally made of materials such as sand and limestone (at least to me). No cannon, weaponry, or whatsoever in witness. The official story unfold that these stone fortresses was originally made by a local king named Ilato and a Portuguese sailor in 1522. However, my friend told me that the function of these structures are apocryphal and remain in questioned even by the local people. “It is more like a watch towers than a fortress”, he explained.


No doubt, it is strategically located and offers a good vantage point of Limboto Lake from above and the surrounding mountains. Walking thru the historical ruins while enjoying the spectacular vista was an exhilarating experience, not to mention  a constant cool afternoon breeze and the quite setting.

Limboto LakeLimboto LakeA lake dweller :)

No doubt, it is strategically located and offers a good vantage point of Limboto Lake from above and the surrounding mountains. Walking thru the historical ruins while enjoying the spectacular vista was an exhilarating experience, not to mention  a constant cool afternoon breeze and the quite setting.

A short hop to Limboto Lake wrapped up my journey. Qibor, a local friend of mine led me to a tucked away spot.  Suddenly we embarked on a motorised wooden boat, slowly exploring the 3000 hectares lake (just a fraction given the time constrain). It didn’t take long before it became evident that this excursion was the best of all. Our wooden boat glide thru the deep shade water and our motor’s noise broke the silence. We navigated our way thru the many floating houses that serves as fishermen’s post. It is called bagan. Every bagan oversees a plot of several hundreds square meters area of fish cultivation, fringed by bamboo poles placed horizontally several centimeters below the surface.

Fishing platform dotting the Limboto Lake.Limboto LakeFishing platform dotting the Limboto Lake.

There are hundreds of bagan, with each plot.  So, exploring the Limboto is like wading thru a labyrinth of waterways. Often times the boatman decided to pass into and out of these patch, which means we have to…You know it. Charged it. How we do it? The boatman will pull out the engine (and the attached propeler) just before the boat hit the bamboo pole below, then the boat “fly” above the bamboo for a few seconds. “Plak, plak”, Then the next one on the other side, “Plak, plak” again. What an experience! (Amateur, please don’t try this at home!).  I can’t imagine doing all of these without an experienced boatman. I bet this nerve-racking activity is his daily staple.

Nevertheless, I was exhilirated. From the boat, I enjoyed the amazing scenery, fishermen activities, scores of birds that flew above and the tranquility when we stopped by at the bagan and also the sweet air. Warm glow of afternoon sun also always accompanied our trip. As a local, Qibor knows the perfect time to this tour of the Everglades of Sulawesi though much of the lake surface was covered by the invincible water hyacinth.

Limboto LakeLimboto Lake chicken.Livestock of fisherman.

Decades ago, when the first president Soekarno visited Gorontalo, his party used amphibious aircraft and made the Limboto Lake as a landing strip. That was when the lake much, much larger than nowadays. Unfortunately, this estuary of the five major rivers is in the process of shrinking due to sedimentation. Come along with this sad story is also a good one: you can still enjoy the fresh grilled fish supplied by local fishermen.

The Fish Cultivation in Floating Net At Limboto Lake, Sulawesi,The Fish Cultivation in Floating Net At Limboto Lake, Sulawesi,The Fish Cultivation in Floating Net At Limboto Lake, Sulawesi, Indonesia

There are still many things in Gorontalo, but I’ve to go home. I’ll return someday to explore the coastline, the Bogani Nani Wartabone National Park, and to rehash the Limboto experience again for sure.

Limboto LakeLimboto Lake

Fisherman Silhouette With Dramatic Sunset At The Fish Cage Of LaFisherman Silhouette With Dramatic Sunset At The Fish Cage Of LaFisherman Silhouette With Dramatic Sunset At The Fish Cage Of Lake Limboto, orontalo, Indonesia

Bentor, a cross between trishaw & motor cycleBentor, a cross between trishaw & motor cyclePick one of them to bring you anywhere around. It costs 5000 rp to nearby destinations around Gorontalo city, but they also operate further afield.

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Fadil Aziz.

(this article appeared on Bali and Beyond Magazine, August 2013)


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From Sumatra to Papua, Indonesia's Postcard by Alcibbum Photography ~A Peek to Production Progress Impressive Postcard in production stage


As you might know, Indonesia's postcard market has been in hibernation mode for the past decades (and maybe also in other countries). It reflects the diminishing need of sending printed materials using post service and the upswing of technology worldwide on the other hand.


Impressive Postcard

But, we believe there is still oportunity out there and decided to crack the market, with a new product and concept. From our portfolio, we select carefully 60 of the best photos of Indonesia.


For the last two months we develop  "Impressive Postcard". The postcard is to show off Indonesia's beauty. Furnished with informative and interesting facts and sometimes even a story about the place and the photo. Since Indonesia is a vast country, we produce no less than 60 types of postcards, from Sumatra to Papua. We use special grade paper and production process. Resulting in unique and premium quality postcard in a hope people will love and buy it. 


Cutting process

Impressive Postcard production processImpressive Postcard production process ~Indonesia's postcard

A peek...


The production is almost complete now. You can buy it in Alun-alun Indonesia (Grand Indonesia and Nusa Dua Bali) by the 4th week of September 2013.


Impressive Postcard price tag is 15.000/pc and Rp 50.000/set of 4 pcs.


Toraja's rice barn



Available at: 


Alun Alun Indonesia Grand Indonesia (Wrap Inc division) Jakarta 

Alun Alun Indonesia Debenhams Kemang Village Jakarta 

Sogo Bali Collection, Nusa Dua Bali


Alun Alun Indonesia Central Park Jakarta (by the end of November 2013)

Kinokuniya Book Store Plaza Senayan, Jakarta (December 2013, insya Allah)


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impressive postcard gallery:

Press Release and the stroy behind it.

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Did Your School Days Looks Like This? Togean School Kids Have to Travel Across the Sea for 1.8 km Elementary school students walk cross the bridge about one kilometerElementary school students walk cross the bridge for almost two kilometer to go to school, Togean Island, Sulawesi, Indonesia

Delighted, that one of our photo of Togean's elementary school kids travel across the sea in a 1.8 km wooden bridge will be featured in world's most eminent island and beach vacation destination: "Islands" magazine in the upcoming months.
It is actually for the 4th times in the last three years they featured ours as a double spread. Thanks for all of your support! 
Hopefully the photo will raise awareness of the lack of education in the third world's countries, especially in Togean and Indonesia. Previously, the picture had also been used by Rough Guides.

These kids was said as decendant of the Bajau ethnic. Bajau is a sea wanderer, or sea gypsie ethnic. Their life and death is in the sea. Almost never touch the land. But it is not the case anymore with this villagers. Please look at the huts in the background, and also their tiny island. Now they've 'landed'. Even though, their kids must travel thru small wooden bridge especially built for them, daily, just to go to school.

It was a bit dangerous as the planks and the joints tend to be loose the further we went, but they flew on it! Sang and ran! Amazing!

Did Your Days Looks Like This?
Link to the gallery "Togean Kids":
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Beautiful Indonesia's Postcard is in Production Stage With good portfolio of Indonesa's photo, Alcibbum Photography is going to publish beautiful Indonesia postcard series with 60 variants. The postcard will serve as collection too, printed in special environmental paper using high technology printing and process. Currently it is in the production stage.


The postcard will be rolled out by the end of this month. For the first phase, it will be sold through Alun-Alun Indonesia Grand Indonesia Jakarta and Nusa Dua Bali outlets. Available also in set of 4 pcs (Bali, Indonesia and Lombok series). As added bonus, the postcard is accompanied with informative text.



image copyright HestiIn printing | image copyright HestiIn printing | image copyright Hesti

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Palembang, a Passage of Time Palembang, a Passage of Time



Palembang has been attracting travelers since the Chinese voyager I-Tsing came in 7th century AD and wrote a report of the mighty Sriwijaya kingdom. According to many evidences, Palembang is the most probable site of this prosperous kingdom. Now, 1,300 years later in the second millennium, tourists with hanging DSLR in their neck enjoy this bustling city, walk thru its famous Ampera Bridge, enjoy the breathtaking scenery while sipping teh tarik from one of the river side restaurant and take a relaxing journey down the Musi River. 


Certainly, Palembang is an attractive destination for anyone looking for different experience in Indonesia. While it's not much to see of what was once the capital seat of a kingdom that  dominating and controlled the Southeast Asia water, just make sure to have a seat in one of the ubiquitous Martabak HAR outlets in town and come home loaded with boxes full of pempek. People will love you, and you will miss Palembang!


Palembang, a busy trading port on Musi River

Busy trading port and an important hub for centuries.



Oil was found at the turn of 20th Century. The first touch of modernization. Houses in the bank of Musi River, Sebrang Ulu and the refinery in the background. The classical portrait of modern and traditional goes hand in hand.



Old coal barge anchors in Musi River, Palembang, South Sumatra Musi, the longest river in Sumatra (in competition with the Batanghari of Jambi). For centuries, it has been navigable by large vessel for  100 km inland. But since the presence of Jembatan Ampera (Ampera Bridge), some of them must stop. The bridge now only provide clearance of 8-9 m height. Nevertheless, Musi is still the busiest waterway in the island. This barge will continue its journey upriver passing below the Ampera Bridge.



Tires used as protection of wooden boat in Musi River



Pak Asli collecting his day's catch in Musi River, Palembang

Source of life.



Our playground



Glowing Ampera Bridge at dusk

Jembatan Ampera, the pride of Palembang. By design, it is a vertical-lift bridge. Ships up to 44.5 m of maximum height and 60 m of maximum width allowed to travel upriver thru the central part of the span. It's no longer work, due to the heavy traffic of the city (official statement).



Indonesia's most celebrated bridge.  Built in 1962 and officially completed in 1965, inaugurated as the longest in Southeast Asia.



Most of Palembang's people travel across or beneath the Ampera in daily basis. The bridge connects two most important area of the city: Sebrang Ulu and Sebrang Ilir and  a great number of people are also walk thru it. Unlike other bridge in Indonesia, here you can walk safely.  Mesmerized by the breathtaking view and the constant gentle breeze will make you stay longer up there.



The making of Palembang songket

A peek to the cultural heritage. Songket. The three months process of hand-woven, distinctive motif and a lightweight fabric make the Palembang Songket one of the most adorable piece of cloth in its kind. Our gratitude to Zaenal Songket.



Take a seat in one of the ubiquitous martabak HAR outlet. Folded pan-fried bread served with curry and potato gravy is an incomparable dish. The founder, Haji Abdul Rozak, is an Indian descendant started his business in the city around 1930-1940s. Now this kind of martabak along with pempek is the daily staple of Palembangnesse.



A melting pot of Melayu, Chinese, India and Arab culture, traveler find Palembang is a paradise. From the Melayu realm:  pindang. Most famous is pindang patin. Picture here is pindang iga/ribs.



Love it or hate it



local Palembang cafe

Beseiged by modern and air-conditioned cafes that spring up in every corner, old fashioned warungs where the past time Palembangnesse enjoy coffee, traditional snacks, teh tarik, etc, still can be found in some areas. Want to try burgo or laksan? Find Warung Joen in Pasar Kuto.



Enlightenment after Ashar praying time in grand mosque. Islam has a long history in Palembang.



Stop! Not for you. It was for boats down there.



The other side.



Present-day traffic of vehicles up there on the bridge of the 60s. Wooden boat that plying the river for centuries. The mighty Musi that flow hundred kilometers for millennea. A passage of time.


Text and photo Fadil Aziz

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2,000 Photos Have Been Used and Published  

Since established in 2004, about 2,000 photos of Alcibbum Photography have been used and published widely. In this opportunity, we would like to express our gratitude to all of our clients. Thank you for making us as your partner in image sourcing. We highly appreciate your trust and always look forward to work more closely in the future! 





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Fadil Aziz/Alcibbum Photography at NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC One of our image, a photo of a lamafa jump from their wooden boat has been used recently by NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC. The photo accompanying a story about whaling. Nowadays, there are only a handful of traditional whale hunting still exist in the planet. One of which is in Lamalera, Indonesia.


to read the full story, please visit


The photo has also been used by IWPO (International Whaling Protection Organization) 


]]> (ALCIBBUM PHOTOGRAPHY | Stock Photo Indonesia) landscape, culture and craft of Indonesia Lamalera Traditional Whale Hunting, Indonesia PHOTOGRAPHY OF FADIL AZIZ foto Indonesia foto fadil aziz galery photo Indonesia koleksi foto pemandangan portfolio fadil aziz Fri, 07 Dec 2012 01:47:55 GMT
OUR PHOTOGRAPHY AT CORBIS We've been contributing with Corbis for six years. If you want to look at our collection represented by Corbis, here is Fadil/Alcibbum Photography page at Corbis,




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Tamron 18-270 VC II PZD vs Nikon 18-70 AFS I have been wondering about the sharpness of the Tamron 18-270 VC II PZD. I own it for 1,5 year and feel it can not render sharp images, or sharp enough images, despite that I've sent it to Tamron representative for service in its early days. That is the case when shooting landscape. Of course, I love its versatility, but the image result is below of what I desire (previously, I read good and positive reviews on this exotic lens, mostly hands-on review and the sample images were mostly people or portrait).


So I decide to compare it with my 18-70 Nikkor that I know quite well. The 18-70 is sharp enough, that I pleased with the result after using it for years. For sure, the Tamron is an all-around zoom; not a pro lens, so what can we expect for such a lens? But the softness really disturbing if not make me nervous in the field. And 18-70 is not a pro zoom either. So I ran a simple test to compare how sharp or how soft each other is. Here we go...


Camera used in this test is D7000, performed at ISO 320. No noise reduction, sharpening, no editing except slight exposure adjustment for 18-70 shot.


18-70 @ 70 mm,  its longest end @ f/9.0.

Nikon 18-70 AFS @ 70 mm f/9


Now the Tamron @ 100 mm @ f/10.0

Tamron 18-270 VC II @100 mm f/10 Image from the Tamron is clearly softer and of a lower contrast. Take a look at the column on the left.


Now we would think we don't do justice with the Tamron with f/10, so let's use f/13 instead, equivalent of two stops from widest aperture, the same with 18-70:

Tamron 18-270 VC II @100 mm f/13 It turns out that @ f/13 the image is softer than @ f/10. Diffraction plays a nasty role here. So you can't stopped down too much with this lens.


Now lets take a closer look.


Crop from the same shot of 18-70 (first photo above):

crop 18-70 from previous photo

And 18-270:

crop 18-270 from previous photo



Tamron 18-270 VC II PDZ performance is clearly below the Nikon 18-70 AFS, either in the border or the centre in terms of contrast and resolution, though the border is worse. This confirm of what I feel about this all around zoom lens.

Note: images used in this test is a representative sample of population of the test result. Since I use my own copy of lenses, I don't know and cannot tell if other copy will produce the same result. This apply to most test, since they usually test only one copy. To prove this, my 18-70 is a good one, better than the mass. Every photographer who use it surprised with the quality come from this cheap lens, different from what they own. Nevertheles, anyone considering buying this all you can do lens should be aware of the trade-off between versatility and quality.


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